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She's Thriving

Apr 29, 2019

Our resident She's Thriving LMFT therapist Kat Dahlen deVos is BACK on the podcast this week, and whoah are we grateful. You might remember Kat from our very first episode, the live recording of our She's Thriving panel from The Wing SF. Kat had such impactful insight that resonated deeply with the two of us and our community as a whole, so we knew we wanted to sit down with her for a longer interview to dive deeper into many of the questions and topics our listeners submitted. We talked about the importance of boundaries, how to identify and interrupt the stories we tell ourselves, and self-compassion as a key tool to enhance our lives and help us thrive. We are so grateful to bring you our conversation with Kat and would encourage everyone to connect with her via Instagram @therapywithkat. You can also connect with Kat and a group of her fellow psychotherapists by checking out the Havn Collective - a wellness community for the curious and courageous created with the mission to demystify therapy, remove the shame, and create conversations around emotional wellness.